About us

HUDstats is a tech company that is unmatched in the esports world, dedicated to bringing esports fans closer to their favorite teams with advanced AI technology, real-time data visualizations, and enhanced statistics.

Our story

HUDstats is an esports data and analytics company visualizing sub-second information from live matches in the esports gaming industry.

The next generation of gamers is here. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to offer unrivaled data granularity directly from the live streams of esports competitions. You can tap into the world of esports with our customizable visual widgets and broadcast overlays to increase audience engagement. 

Our mission is to transform and unify esports data under one roof. We connect your data into our systems and help deliver it instantly to our customers’ network to generate a new income stream for you.

Official data is expensive, but with HUDstats you get fast, affordable, and reliable data at your fingertips. You have the opportunity to grow within the industry by providing you with the right tools to thrive. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to our customers through our advanced technology. 

Step into the world of digitized sports today with HUDstats!

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