Esports Data Company HUDstats and the KNVB Partner Up to Improve the Storytelling and Viewing Experience of E_Oranje on the Road to FIFAe Nations Cup 2023


As part of the agreement, HUDstats uses its own unique machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to analyze E_Oranje streams and generate in-depth gameplay data and statistics, such as shots on goal, successful passes, possession, yellow cards, and penalty kicks. With this data, E_Oranje can create detailed player statistics, giving fans more knowledge of the games and enhancing the storytelling.

"Data is one of the strongest forms of fan engagement in esports and offers new opportunities for storytelling towards EA Sports FIFA tournaments," said Andrei Bălănescu, CEO of HUDstats. "We are glad to share this vision with such great partners. It is exciting to use our AI capabilities with the Dutch Football Association as a Dutch company. The partnership with E_Oranje is an important milestone as we continue to scale our technology and expand our data analysis capabilities in the field of esports."

"The partnership with HUDstats helps us give E_Football fans even more insights into our matches," said Nick Hoogebeen, E_Football Partnership Manager at the KNVB. "By being able to show in-game data in our live streams, this makes our streams more unique and gives the viewer even more insight into the matches - a valuable addition to the professionalization of the E_Football domain. We are pleased with this partnership with HUDstats and hope to reward our esports fans with more engaging content and new insights."

Statistics and Highlights

The data generated by HUDstats provides content opportunities for website, social media, or online portal updates. Commentators can bring more depth to the games by combining the data with their style of commentary. The HUDstats data services include an online dashboard that collects all the statistics and highlights of the games. The dashboard provides access to match streams, results, and statistics with historical, current, and live data visualizations and match trackers. Highlights from matches are automatically generated and can be downloaded in the dashboard.